Ci·po·ta : noun | singular , feminine
si.ˈpo.ta | Spanish - El Salvador
a young woman. often in reference to a lively and youthful woman with a playful energy
syn: muchacha, bicha, chera…

Why we chose the name Sassy Cipotas: When we were thinking of a name for our crew, we came up with several ideas, none of which quite fit. From Traveling Tetas to Woke in the Wilderness, we just didn’t feel they completely embodied who we are. We also needed the name to be catchy…and that is where Sassy Cipotas comes in. We are all Salvadoreñas who grew up being called Cipota, it holds cultural significance that ties us to our ancestral roots and the Spanglish name Sassy Cipotas embraces the balance we hold as we teeter between two worlds. Sassy Cipotas is something we will always be and identify with regardless of any changes we may undergo in life. We invite you all to embrace your inner Cipotx!!

Our Mission

As Salvadoreñas working in the outdoors, we have repeatedly noticed the lack of representation in the things we love to do most; hiking, traveling, and attending outings. We know for us a lot of it has to do with lack of FUNDS!!!

We have a unique set of obstacles because we live and work in one of the most expensive cities in the nation; San Francisco. But we still don’t let that stop us. We budget and plan to make all our dreams come true and then do it and hold space for folks like us regardless of who we make uncomfortable.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage and inspire all our communities of color to get out there and enjoy what this world has to offer beyond just our 9 to 5 lives. We hope our tips and tricks will help you plan your own adventures.

We are not the typical nuclear family, but rather a family we have chosen to be a part of. We invite you all to find your family if you don’t have one already, and get out doors!

Live your best life….always!!


Las Sassy Cipotas

Sassy Cipotas Goals

  • Complete the 52 Hike Challenge as a family.

  • Build community with like minded folks in the Bay and beyond.

  • Travel to more places.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Get SPONSORED!!!!