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las sassy cipotas

"Spend your life with the people who make even going to the grocery store an adventure." - unknown


las Sassy cipotas

What do you get when you mix a Brown, woke, single mom with a quirky country music lovin, nail polish enthusiast, and a creative, silly brainiac? Why, Sassy Cipotas of course! Our names are Ale, MJ, and liyah and we have been hitting roads, trails, parks, social events, foodie joints, and amusement parks since December 2014 - when we made our debut on a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. It was then that we knew we had a unique dynamic that could not be replicated. Since then, we have ventured on, building more memories and planning even more trips. Aside from having crazy amazing chemistry that makes traveling together possible, we also budget like hell to make our adventures a reality. 

We are 3 distinct women who share Salvadorean ancestry...and not much else. We couldn't be more different, but somehow we genuinely get along and have fun. This blog is everything! It was created to share our adventures as a group, as well as our individual experiences, opinions, tips and tricks, and reviews with everyone in hopes of inspiring y'all to take on your own adventures! We like to think we're ballin' on a budget....if you can relate, please read on! We may not have much, but we make the most of it, and have a damn good time, everytime! #sisepuede

Can't wait to hear all about it? We cant wait to reminisce and tell you about it! To learn more about each individual Cipota, scroll down to check out our own About Me sections.