Las Sassy Cipotas

What do you get when you mix a Brown, woke, mother of two with a quirky country music lovin, nail polish enthusiast, a creative, silly brainiac, and a cute, chubby, headstrong diva baby? Why, Sassy Cipotas of course! Our names are Ale, MJ, Liyah, and Anaís and we have been hitting roads, trails, parks, social events, foodie joints, and amusement parks since December 2014 (well most of us anyway, Anaís wasn’t born yet) - when we made our debut on a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. It was then that we knew we had a unique dynamic that could not be replicated. Since then, we have ventured on, building more memories and planning even more trips. Aside from having crazy amazing chemistry that makes traveling together possible, we also budget like hell to make our adventures a reality. 

We are 3 distinct women who share Salvadorean ancestry...and not much else. We couldn't be more different, but somehow we genuinely get along and have fun. This blog is everything! It was created to share our adventures as a group, as well as our individual experiences, reviews, opinions, tips and tricks with everyone in hopes of inspiring y'all to take on your own adventures! We like to think we're ballin' on a budget....if you can relate, please read on! We may not have much, but we make the most of it, and have a damn good time, everytime! #sisepuede

Can't wait to hear all about it? We cant wait to reminisce and tell you about it! To learn more about each individual Cipota, scroll down to check out our own About Me sections. 


Alejandra "ale" iraheta

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the planner

Heeyyyy!!!! I'm Ale, and I'm the one that makes our adventures happen! I love to plan, save, organize, oh....and did I mention plan?? From putting ideas out into the universe, to keeping a budget, to creating itineraries, I can always be counted on to bring our trip goals to fruition.

What can I say about myself? I am a ball of sarcastic hilariousness who is just as passionate about social justice as I am about my makeup...ok!!!! I'm a San Francisco native and when I'm not planning our next trip, I'm usually at home caring for our new baby who takes up all my time (this ish is hard y’all), but if I am able to escape Baby Bear’s clutches you can find me with a drink in my hand relaxing, buying candles (my new obsession), cuddled up watching a movie with the fam, or hitting up a trail to relax.


Mariajose “Mj” Alcantara

The Quirky One

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Strong *fee fie foe fum* footsteps or whatever song is currently in my head are what you usually hear before you see me. I'm Mariajosé but only my besties call me Mj or Memjay. I was born and raised in mostly foggy San Francisco where Mitchell's was the best ice cream, la Mission wasn't full of techies or hipsters, and I could order a burrito as they made it in front of me at without having to wait for mobile orders or UberEats to be made first. I'm the spontaneous singer of the cipotas always mindlessly belting out anything from Luke Bryan to intense show tunes or busy making Spotify playlists for our hikes, road trips or even Anaís’ bath time. My trademarks are pink, painting my nails, craving donuts, and fangirling over anything Harry Potter, Twilight or Taco Bell.. I know I know you may not like it but I love it! When I'm not adventuring with my girls, you can find me with my BeeBoo Jordan, my boyfriend of three years, or with my silly Salvadorean familia googling Pupuserias wherever we go.


Aaliyah "liyah" atenga

the hustler

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I'm liyah but I should really be known as "The Ride or Die" because half the time I have no idea where we're going, I'm just along for the ride.....hehehe. No, but really, I'm the hustler because I'm all about making a profit...why give away our amazing ideas when we can make some money tho??

I'm a creative and goofy 13 year old, who is often the comic relief in our squad, from my dance moves to my not so funny jokes, I keep the team spirit high. I'm currently into FortNite; my family hates it and is secretly praying I get over this obsession ASAP. When I’m not playing video games or getting straight A’s, you can find me either playing Basketball for my school’s team or being the best big sister ever to lil Anais…I love that lil fat baby!!


Anaís “Baby Bear” Carrillo

The Cute One


Hi! I guess you could say I’m new here….I was born on October 10, 2018. Since then, I’ve been running the household. I have everyone wrapped around my cute lil really they can’t get enough of me. I keep my mom and dad on a pretty tight leash and I like to have a set schedule eat, sleep, pee, poop, play, and reach milestones. My family is always throwing in random hikes and adventures that make it almost impossible to stay on track, and that frankly makes me cranky. I’m the Queen of eyebrow raises and side eyes like my mother before me. My current must haves include the Moana Soundtrack (a must when decompressing during bath time), a nice pacifier, a warm bottle of milk, and lots of cuddles from mommy and daddy.