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Happy New Year!

We don’t know about you, but we declare this to be the year all our dreams come true! This blog has been our daily daydream for a couple years. As we mentioned in our About Us section, we’ve been roadtripping and hiking together for a few years now. Folks were always asking how we make all our trips happen, when we would share our tips they would encourage us to start a blog. Every time we saw some loser making it big with their blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube channels we thought, “damn… that could be us!!!” But we kept allowing our insecurities and negative self talk to get the best of us and always ended up putting this venture to the side by procrastinating and not managing our time wisely. 2018 honestly kicked our butts so hard emotionally and physically…we spent most of it in survival mode and once again our blog was left to collect dust. But it’s 2019, and all the excuses have been left in the past! We decided to take this year and our future by the reins to live our best lives and inspire you to do the same. For that reason, we’d like to start our blog by sharing with you our 2019 goals and dreams, and the steps we plan to take to make them happen.

We are firm believers that “our dreams don’t work unless we do”, so we’re taking steps to help us stay focused and accountable as we work towards our goals. Ale who is our planner/organizer in the group is always making lists and lists of lists to get things done and make sure we actually accomplish what we set out to do as a group. This year we are all working on our organizational and time management skills as we balance everything we have going on; Mariajosé is contemplating a career change and finding her true passion, taking the next steps in her relationship, and staying true to herself and her faith. Liyah is balancing her schoolwork, being part of a sports team, and exploring her role as a big sister, Anaís is learning about the world and discovering herself and others, and Ale is still trying to do it all…. work, blog, be a mom, take care of her household, nurture her relationship with her partner…. but is learning how to delegate…..kinda.

If we haven’t lost you yet, read on to learn more about what goals send our hearts aflutter.

We’re doing it!

Sassy Cipotas 2019 Goals:

  1. Travel as a squad

  2. Complete the 52 Hikes Challenge Together

  3. Blog Regularly

  4. Organize Hiking Meet ups in the Bayyyyyy Areaaa!

  5. Get Sponsored

Our first family trip to Universal Studios, October 2017.. before Anaís!

Our first family trip to Universal Studios, October 2017.. before Anaís!

1. Travel as a Squad
We’ve already gotten started and have two trips coming soon! Even though we’re brokedy broke….well because kids and being furloughed employees #governmentshutdown, but regardless we have planned ahead and secured the first two trips of the year.

First off, our squad. Our unique familia consists of Mariajosé and her boyfriend Jordan, Ale, her teen Aaliyah, baby Anaís, and partner Cesar. Really, the women run the show and the boys are just along for the ride….hehehe.

Our first trip is one not too far from home, which we booked a few months ago thanks to Airbnb’s new payment installments feature - Pay Less Upfront. We are driving four hours north to see the snow in Tahoe. It’s especially exciting, because it will be baby’s first time to the snow. Of course we will be chronicling our trip in a future post to let y’all know what we did, where we went, and how we managed to have fun while staying within budget.

Our second trip we’re super excited about.. but it’s still in the works so we’ll keep it a secret for now.. all we know is that we’re going! Ale found a super affordable deal on airline tickets through Alaska Air that we could not pass up. She’s always got the email alerts on and has a great detective eye for finding those rare deals- if you want to travel, you gotta put in that dream work. Some quick tips: Sign up for email alerts, check affordable airlines like Alaska, Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, etc., sign up for those Frequent flyer miles, try and be flexible with your dates, and if you can, travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays to get the best deals. We’ll dedicate some future posts to traveling on a budget soon.


2. Complete the 52 Hikes Challenge Together
You may be asking yourself, “what is a 52 Hike Challenge anyway?,” … long story short: this challenge is a year-long personal commitment and serves as a motivation to get outdoors to explore new trails, reinvigorate your health and hike at least once a week for 52 weeks. Ale took on this challenge two years ago after seeing people post about it on Instagram. Though she only completed about a third of the challenge the first time around because she fell love.. awwww -and got distracted, she decided to start over with her Boo Bear, Cesar in February 2018. Ale is still working on completing it by early February this year, but due to the build up of surgeries, pregnancy, baby, post-partum adventures, she is scrambling to finish by her deadline with 4-5 hikes scheduled each week… rain or shine!

”Fudgecakes.. that’s a lot of hikes! 39 and counting!” - Ale, January 14th, 2019. 10:31pm

The Sassy Cipotas will be taking on the Challenge in 2019, if you’d like to join us on any of our hikes or take the challenge with us, let us know in the comments below and make sure you’re following us on our @SassyCipotas Instagram to find out where we’ll be each week.

Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced hiker. If you’re intimidated at all by this super extremeeee (not really) challenge, fear not! Believe it or not Ale was once a newbie to the outdoors and had many fears - including creepy crawlers, which to this day still freaks her out a bit whenever a lizard scurries across the trail in front of her, eeek! but even they can’t stop her!

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3. Blog Regularly
We will BLOG period….that is all. Not but really read on.

You might be wondering why this is even one of the points on our list…the truth is while we have endless material, we sometimes get intimidated by the thought of even writing a post. Where do we begin? What should we write about first? Will folks even care about what we have to say? These and many other questions fill our heads with enough self doubt to never get anything written down. We don’t know if any of you can relate to that? But we’re ready to challenge ourselves and blog consistently.

So get ready, we’ll be typing away sharing our adventures as we go, and we’ll even include some throwback trips we’ve done in the past. We’ll continue sharing our tips and tricks on how exactly we make our adventures happen, after all we want you to get out and explore too! We’re working on scheduling upcoming posts, and striving to meet our blog commitments through organization, that includes: scheduling posts, setting weekly appointments to write our posts, pouring a few glasses of wine for inspiration, and actually making time to get out there and do the fun stuff we’ll be writing about! We also want to dedicate some time to honing our craft and that includes: meeting with professionals to learn how to successfully navigate in the Blog world, read books on the subject, watch webinars, and connect with others/organizations that are doing the same. Stay tuned!

Airing out our little old tent. It’s time for a new one!

Airing out our little old tent. It’s time for a new one!

5. Get Sponsored
Did we mention we’re ballin on a budget? We have big dreams, unfortunately we don’t YET have all the financial resources to make them happen. We’ve traveled far with a few old family items - including Mariajosé’s childhood tents from 1997, and pre-2003 sleeping bags including the Sleeping Diva - or cheap or free items we’ve collected through the years but we dream of backpacking and roadtrippin as a squad with reliable items without breaking the bank. We have the ganas, we just need the funds.

We’d love to partner with some outdoor organizations and/or retailers to make these brown women’s dreams come true and show a true representation of brown folks in the outdoors.

A few wish list items: new tents, backpacking backpacks for the familia, hiking shoes, and hiking poles.
Organizations we’d love to partner with.. let’s put it in the universe!: REI, Cotopaxi, CLIF, The North Face, Sports Basement

We cannot wait to make this our best year ever!

If you’ve been thinking about a change you want to make in yourself or a goal you want to work on this year, we hope this post has helped inspire you to do so. We’re ready to begin this new journey and hope that you’ll come along with us and start that project you’ve always wanted to take on, get out on a trail, or start traveling! Make sure to keep us in the loop and let us know what you’re taking on this year and how you’re getting there by commenting below, we’d love to hear your ideas.

Nos vemos y nos vamos!

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